Fresh Oil – September Edition

With The Rt. Rev’d Prosper A. Amah (Ministering).

Message Topic: Power to Deal with Evil Altars
Scripture: 1 Sam 7:7-11.

Message Excerpts:

There was war between the Philistines and Israel. When the children of Israel saw that the battle was fierce, they met Samuel and pleaded with him to pray for them. Samuel set up an altar unto the Lord. The altar of Samuel nullified the altar of the Philistines. And when Samuel had offered that sacrifice, thunder of God’s wrath struck on the camp of the Philistines and their camp was in disarray.

We must not cease to pray as Samuel did not cease to pray for the children of Israel. The battle turned to the favour of the Israelites and they discomfited the Philistines because Samuel did not cease to pray for the Israelites. Samuel groaned before the Lord. God gave the Israelites divine formula to discomfort the Philistines. God will give you divine formula against your enemy in Jesus Name. Amen

Balak hired Balaam to place a curse on the children of Israel. Balaam built seven altars and offered sacrifices to the Lord that he may curse the children of Israel. Satanic Altar is a place where:

  1. Demonic powers traffic (operate)
  2. Demonic powers pass judgement.

Mount Pisgah: There is a place where sacrifices are offered. The spirit behind the sacrifices of mount Pisgah is the spirit of near success syndrome.

If we must be able to gain victory over satanic altars, iniquity must not be found in us. Righteousness is what gave them strength against their enemies. The Moabites could do nothing against the Israelites as long as they had a right relationship with God. But the moment sin entered the camp of the Israelites they became vulnerable to attack. God punished them and 23,000 of them died.

A believer has the covering of God as long as he remains righteous. But the moment a believer begins to live in sin, the covering is taken away and he becomes vulnerable to attacks.

Victory over demonic influences and sure for faithful children of God.


  • May God grant you Grace to be sensitive in the spirit and be able to confiscate and destroy every demonic influences in the name of Jesus!
  • Righteousness is both an arsenal and a defense for victory through life – may God grant you Grace to maintain this spiritual armour in Jesus name!