In his administration on the above theme, Bishop Proper Amah started with  highlighting the symbolism of the rod. He said that the rod is a symbol of authority. However he remarked that there are evil and righteous authorities. He reiterated that every righteous person has a bright future, but whenever Satan sees this destiny in the life of a child of God, he places his evil rod upon him to destroy the prospects. This often manifests in different ways such as in sudden shake up in the person’s business pursuits or profession.

The Bishop remarked that this evil rod can also come into effect when you want to help someone in need out of the evil rod of the devil upon his life, the spiritual projection upon the victim of that rod of enemy could be transferred to the person who has come to render the help and if the enemy has his way, you find the helper going down too. Some attribute such incidents that the  person took the money given to him to a shrine or to do some incantations against his helper, but it is not usually the case, the fact is that it is the devil still at work.

The Bishop went on to admonish the congregation saying that whenever a child of God wants to make progress in this life, when unbelievers are moving to one side, he should move to the other side. He counseled against being lured into idolatry in the guise of cultural revival. He cited the case of new yam festival in Igbo land which is obviously idolizing yam out of the numerous crops God has given for human consumption and strongly admonished children of God to distance themselves from such idolatry. He challenged all serious minded Christians to go out on this day, buy new yams, cook and eat without any ceremony.

Another issue addressed by the Bishop in this change is the issue of unending bad fate coming a person’s way. He said that such situations call for sincere questions by the person concerned why it must be him all the time. He warned the congregation to beware of the devil’s strategy of presenting the person with an undiscerning spirit with half truths.

In his conclusion of this message, Bishop Amah mentioned four things one must do in order to remove the rod of the wicked from his life; namely:

  1. Learn to ask questions to get the truth
  2. Identify your weaknesses and deal with them
  3. Learn to trust God, because those who trust in him will never be put to shame.
  4. Give yourself to prayer and fasting. Summarize every prayer and fasting session by seeking priestly benediction as a way of sealing the issue or problem you dealt with in your prayer and fasting.

The Bishop led the congregation in prayers of confession and rededication as well as the “Jesus antenatal” for expectant mothers.

To God be the Glory.