In his exposition, during recently concluded Ogbaru Diocese Workers Retreat, The Rt. Revd Ephraim Ikeakor detailed the five titles and designations for anyone called by God. He clearly noted that for one to be successful in ones ministry work and such related offices, one should be armed with these qualities which would make for ones individual designations.

1. A Soldier – 2 Timothy 2: 2-3.

The success of one called in the ministry has much bearing upon sustaining a soldier mentality. We are called to be soldiers of God and of the gospel.

2. An Athlete 2 Tim. 2:5

One quality that characterizes a good athlete is strenuous trainings. No one in the ministry performs optimally except one is well trained and prepared for the best discharge of the demands of which he may be charged.

3. The hardworking farmer 2 Timothy 2:6

This is the quality and title of service and provision of need. The work of the ministry demands labour and a committed readiness to provide for needs of the people – spiritual needs, psychological needs, emotional needs and physical needs. Labour in the word of God prepares one for success in this area.

4. A servant 2 Tim. 2:15

One called of God is called to serve and not to be served. One called of God should be ready to take up the mandate of God and run with it.

5. Vessel 2 Timothy 2:20-21

A vessel is a person regarded as a receptacle, recipient and embodiment of virtues, doctrines and values of Christ. A vessel holds the destiny of men.

A true vessel is always tuned on to receiving from God unto knowing the mind of God on every condition over generations. A vessel is a custodian of the divine mandate per time.

To be rightly positioned towards becoming a true vessel, the following are paramount;

i. A personal and unbroken fellowship/relationship with God.

ii. Hearing from God.
A true vessel trains his ears to hear from God.

iii. Shaking off every corruptive influence that would render the vessel impure.

iv. Holding true to the course the vessel is called to champion without diversion of drive.

A true vessel is positioned for continuous use and relevance and for optimal productivity where these are ensured.
Rt. Revd Ephraim O. Ikeakor.
(Bishop, Anglican Diocese of Amichi, Anambra State)
At Ogbaru Workers Retreat held @ Basilica of St. James the Great Cathedral, Atani.
Dated: 25th-27th February, 2021.
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