1. Canon Dozie Akabogu: God answered the prayer he offered at the National Alter at DIVCCON Conference in Abuja for Divine establishment of his family. As at this day, three of his children are university graduates and one is already employed.
  2. Mrs Oluchi Agugua: God delivered her from after birth complications that followed her delivery of her last child.
  3. Mrs Ndidiamaka Igbokwe: Since she gave God her life in the year 1990, God has been gracious to her family. As at this day, they have their own building at Iyiowa Odekpe and God has seen two of her children through university education and established them.
  4. Ebere Nwokedi: God saved the container conveying his goods from killing anybody even as the container fell at upper Iweka axis of the Onitsha Owerri Road. The goods were also saved from damaging. He appreciated God with the offering of a Cow.





The preacher Rt. Revd. Prosper Amah lamented over the attitude of many Christians towards life challenges which often make time impatient to follow God’s timing and consequences get trapped in the deceit of the false prophet that promise them quick solution to their problems which often never come true. The Bishop further said that it is a serious matter how we manage time until the manifestation of God’s plan for our life. He recalled God’s instruction to prophet Jeremiah to “uproot, to destroy, and to pull down(Jer 1:10)”. As we wait for God’s time, there may be things to uproot, to destroy, and to pull down in our life.

The Bishop went further to say that our response to the challenges that come our way determines the outcome. He therefore recommends that it is better to laugh at challenging situations than to mourn over them. It is equally necessary to be cautious about our utterances, never to subscribe to negative submissions. Bishop Amah also reminded the congregation that Divine timing is different from human timing in terms of the calculation quoting 2 peter 3:8 which says “but, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day”.

The Bishop then stated how a person can key into Divine timing:

  1. Such a person must submit himself to the discipline of the Holy Spirit.
  2. The person must be in the right place, at the right time, and with the right people.
  3. Even if God’s promise delays, wait for the time to come because it must surely come.

In conclusion, the Preacher, Bishop Prosper Amah outlined what we must do to hasten the time:

  1. We must march with the banner of Christ and declare that God is good.
  2. We must learn to use the power of the Gospel to fight sin.
  3. We must learn to fast and pray as we wait for God.

He however warned, Beware the devil can bring unnecessary delay, but your blessings cannot be destroyed, it can only be delayed.